We strive to help homeowners find peace of mind in knowing that they
have chosen a trusted verified contractor for all of their home improvement needs.

Our Mission

Here at Rule of Three our mission is to bring home owners, and contractors the best service possible. We find the best contractors for the job you need done, may that be roofing, siding, or any new remodeling. We find the contractors that best suit your needs.

Our History

Rule of Three is a brand new Tri-State based company started in February 2020 by two brothers. We had an idea that would help streamline the remodeling process.

Meet the Team

Andrew Kennedy

Andrew Kennedy, CEO

Hello! My name is Andrew Kennedy and I am the owner of Rule of Three! I’m married to Rebecca Kennedy and have a newborn baby girl Liv Rae Kennedy. My whole life I’ve been going door to door reaching out to the community. I started when I was about 9 years old when I first went door to door selling Christmas wreaths for the boy scouts. Every school fundraiser I would canvass my neighborhood to try and be the top performer that year, and most years I was! 

In College, I joined a company for its first year in New York, College Works Painting. College Works taught me how to run an exterior painting business from start to finish. After my first year I was promoted to District manager and returned 3 years in a row. Since then I’ve been working with the local radio stations WRCH WTIC and HOT 93.7 as an Account Executive and I love the team I work with there.

I started Rule of Three because of my experience canvassing and because I want to make sure homeowners are protected by getting 3 estimates from quality contractors. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and let us be the start of your home improvement journey!

John P. Kennedy

Hello there! My name John P. Kennedy and I’m the VP and CTO of Rule of Three. Currently engaged to my lovely fiance Regina Clairvoyant and living happily in West Hartford . Much like Andrew I grew up going door to door selling and raising money for fundraisers. I have my bachelors in Information Technology and I hope to use it and my past experiences to help connect people with the right contractors with no hassle or pressure at all.

I’ve sold and been sold things before and the pressure that a salesperson uses can be really overwhelming and uncomfortable. At Rule of Three we strive to have our contractors do away with pressure sales and instead offer competitive pricing and great service.

I’m looking forward to helping you along the way!

John P. Kennedy, Vice President and CTO

Contact Us

228 whiting lane
West Hartford, CT 06119
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