We only work with the top contractors around and here are our standards.

  • 10+ years experience
  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • 4+ Google stars
  • “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Any complaints or concerns are responded to promptly


We help connect you with the top contractors in the area. When getting work done on your home it’s known you should always get three estimates. While our contractors may try to convince you to sign with them, you can always say we follow the “Rule of three” We value our homeowners feedback and will be reaching out to see how your experience was with our contractors. If there is something you don’t like let us know!


Yes you may hear us come a knocking on your door! But don’t worry we have a license and are just here to help! We want to make sure that our communities are being serviced by the best! You’ll recognize our staff by the white shirts and white hats. Our canvassers are always polite and will respect your decisions.

We have goals to be philanthropic in the local community, we want to help not only in hiring great staff members, but by giving back to those in need. Rule of Three pledges to get involved as soon as we can to help make our neighborhoods better for all!

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In the event that contractor has no Google reviews or BBB rating we will evaluate past referrals and other ranking sites